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Casio XW-G1 Synthesiser (used)


Casio XW-G1 Synthesiser (used)


 A secondhand instrument in good condition and working order.

The XW-G1 may look a lot like Casio’s XW-P1, but offers features aimed more toward the groove/DJ/sampling crowd.Remember the “synth vs. sampler” debate, when people eventually figured out they were different animals so they ended up using both? Apparently Casio came to the same conclusion, so they introduced the XW-P1 with multiple synth engines for hardcore synthesizer fans, and the XW-G1 for the more groove/DJ/sampling crowd. The surface similarities belie the significant internal differences.

Overview The G1 dispenses with the P1’s Hex Layer and Drawbar Organ engines, replacing them with a Sample Looper and a flash memory-based Sample Player with ten presets. Sampling/looping RAM allows 19 seconds of a mono signal at a 21kHz sampling rate; halve that for stereo or when using the 42kHz sampling rate. Files can then be transferred over to Flash ROM as user waves to free up the RAM buffer.

The P1’s assortment of PCM Melody and PCM Drum Tones, which you can think of as a sort of super General MIDI module with sounds ranging from adequate to outstanding, remains intact but more importantly, so does the Solo Synth and its “Minimoog thinking on steroids”—it’s a monster.

The highest level of operation, the Performance, stacks up to four sound engines (one Solo Synth, and the rest PCM Tones or user Waves).

However the G1 isn’t just about sounds and samples, but control. The Multikey feature, which allows using an octave of keys as trigger controllers for various functions, is quite cool. The 16-step step sequencer is similar to the P1’s, with a few key differences: nine tracks instead of 16, four controller tracks, and a couple additional ways to trigger it. The G1 also offers a 16-step arpeggiator and phrase sequencer. Don’t overlook these, particularly the Phrase Sequencer, which can serve as a scratchpad recorder of notes and/or controllers for catching inspirations and riffs, or on a more formal basis, provide “drop-in” sequences—for example, I made a cool little sample-and-hold controller phrase to drive the filter.


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