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Boss RC-1 Loop Station


Boss RC-1 Loop Station


In recent years, Boss have release some of the best and most popular Loop pedals around, such as the RC-3 and the RC-30 pedals. Artists such as Ed Sheeran (who uses a RC-30) and Kate Tunstall have made Loop pedals particularly popular among acoustic guitar performers, because they allow singer-songwriters, who perform alone, to create fuller, more complex pieces.

The Boss RC-1 is the company’s most straightforward and easy-to-use loop pedal yet, and allows for a whopping 12-minutes of recording time, in stereo. That’s more than enough for any performance you could ever imagine! But the main thing is that it was designed with guitarists and bassists in mind, so this pedal sheds the more sophisticated features found in other Loop Stations, offering a streamlined approach that will appeal to both beginning players and advanced musicians who like to keep things simple.

Built to record loops and nothing else, the RC-1 is all about instant musical satisfaction and creative enjoyment. Housed in the famous, ultra-durable BOSS compact pedal case, the stripped-down RC-1 lets players experience the fun of spontaneous loop creation with no complicated controls or features to get in the way.

Loop recording has never been more intuitive and hassle-free than it is with the RC-1. Record, overdub, play/stop, undo/redo, and clear operations are all accomplished with one integrated pedal, while the loop level is controlled with the panel’s single knob. The unique circular loop indicator features 24 multi-coloured LEDs, providing instant feedback on the operation mode and cycle status of the current loop.

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