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Carlsbro OKTO-A Electronic Percussion Pad


Carlsbro OKTO-A Electronic Percussion Pad


Introducing the Okto A Digital Percussion Pad from Carlsbro: an 8 pad, 2 pedal piece of modern percussion. It can be used entirely standalone, or as part of your existing drum setup. 

4+4 = 8 

The majority of the unit consists of 8 high response, seriously rugged rubber pads. Each one is highly configurable, allowing you to tweak certain parameters to suit your own playing style and desired sound. Thanks to the dedicated foot controller pedals - one for your hi-hat, the other for your bass drum - the Okto A aims to recreate a traditional setup in a more portable guise. 

Play & Experiment 

Containing 408 drum voices, 30 preset drum kits and 20 user drum kits, there's an extensive library of sounds to take control of. These can all be tweaked too; select from integrated effects, including 6 different reverb modes, changing the time, filter, depth and strength levels. You'll be able to craft a unique percussion sound that's entirely your own.   

Practice Potential

The Okto A should help you improve your drumming too. It includes 20 demo songs, as well as 30 different coaching mode practice songs, each of which are designed to develop your chops. And that's without mentioning the built-in teaching functions; these cover snare, full drum kit and various rhythm lessons, allowing you to build key skills that can be translated to other pieces of percussion.  


  • Contains 20 demo songs.
  • 30 coach mode practice songs to work on your chops with. 
  • Connect to external third-party drum tutorial software via Bluetooth MIDI transmission. 
  • Receive and send custom settings/MIDI triggers using USB.
  • Micro-USB input allows for portable use using an external power bank.
  • Reversible interface design; swap it round, depending on whether you're left or right handed. 
  • Select from 6 reverb modes (tweak the depth, time, filter and strength levels). 
  • Use the included pair of foot controller pedals for hi-hat/kick drum control. 
  • Teaching modes covering complete drum kit, snare and rhythm lessons. 
  • Record, playback and demo modes. 
  • Packed with 408 drum voices, 20 user drum kits and 30 preset drum kits. 
  • Consists of 8 high response, durable, user configurable rubber pads. 

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