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Casio CDP S101 Digital PIano


Casio CDP S101 Digital PIano


The Premium Compact Digital Piano

The teacher's choice

Casio asked over a hundred piano teachers what they thought the most important aspect of a digital piano was. Over 80% agreed that it's the touch. If you're going to learn to play on a digital piano, it needs to feel as much like a real piano as possible. That way, you'll be learning correct finger techniques and expression. You don't want a nasty surprise when you play the real thing in an exam or concert! That's why Casio made the CDP S110 feel as authentic as possible, with their Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II system. 

A hammer action keyboard physically simulates the action of an acoustic piano by pushing a weighted hammer when a key is pressed. This keyboard is graded, meaning the action goes from heavier to lighter as you move up the keyboard - just as with a real piano. The keys have been given a fine-grained finish, reducing slippage and increasing comfort, as well as improving the realism of this keyboard. This highly accurate portrayal of a real piano's keyboard is a fantastic learning aid - it ensures your technique will be transferrable to acoustic pianos!

Good to go

Casio's unique "high-density mounting technology" allows them to squeeze a high-quality hammer action system into a really compact digital piano. By miniaturising components and developing a unique space-saving internal structure, they have managed to make the CDP S110 only 232mm deep. This ultra-sleek piano is perfect for squeezing into smaller spaces, although its simple, elegant aesthetic will look right at home anywhere.

This narrow footprint also lends itself to portability - making the CDP S110 a great option for travelling or gigging musicians. Small and lightweight, it's perfect for the road life! The piano can be run on battery power as well as mains, with a battery life of up to 13 hours - so not only can you take this piano anywhere, you can play it anywhere too!

A world of opportunities

The CDP S110 is MIDI enabled and has a USB-B connection, allowing you to plug it into a computer and use it as a MIDI controller. This means you can use this piano to control virtual instruments, scoring software, and DAWs such as Ableton or Garage Band. This hugely opens up the possibilities available to you, and turns the CDP S110 into a powerful recording and music production tool. 

Casio Music Space

This product now works with Casio's companion app, Casio Music Space. This app will allow you to access new possibilities with your Casio product whatever your playing ability. It can be used as a learning aid with a vast library of songs which you can play along with. Each note and its duration is shown visually in a piano roll making it easy to find the right notes and see how a piece of music is written. If you're more confident with reading music then you can try out the score mode - use the inbuilt scores or import your own to play along with! Page turns can be done with a pedal so you can focus entirely on your reading and playing.

 A live concert simulator will simulate the reverb of a real concert space with several different settings to make you feel like you're performing in a wide variety of concert venues. You can also now access your digital piano or keyboard's settings quickly and easily with the app. No more remembering key and button combinations to alter settings - you can now change them in an easy to use and visual menu included in Casio Music Space. This app is available for free and more information can be found here.

FREE Rockschool digital music book

Casio, in collaboration with Rockschool, are proud to offer a free download of a digital music book with the purchase of selected Casio keyboards. Rockschool and Casio are passionate about learning modern and contemporary music to help develop musicians. Go to the RSL website for more details.

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