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Casio Celviano GP-300 Grand Hybrid Digital Piano


Casio Celviano GP-300 Grand Hybrid Digital Piano


The Casio Celviano GP-300 Grand Hybrid Digital Piano is made with 88 full-length, wooden keys for ultimate authenticity. Capable of producing the most subtle nuances of the world's most respected pianos, this revolutionary new model from Casio gives you an experience that goes far beyond playing piano. The tonal possibilities are endless with the GP-300, thanks to the 26 built-in tones including Berlin and Hamburg Grand, Vibraphone, rock, jazz and electric grand piano and many more. Applying its technological expertise, Casio have created an instrument that would thrill the most demanding and traditional pianist with the Celviano Grand Hybrid.

Authenticity Begins at the First Touch

The GP-300's new Natural Grand Hammer Action keyboard retains the authenticity necessary for classic performance, thanks to piano keys that feature the same full length wood used as the C. Bechstein concert grand pianos. The GP-300 shares a grand piano's keypress format by sending the hammer along a vertical path, delivering a true, whole touch that puts the GP-300 at your fingertips.

Adjustable Lid Position and Lid Simulator

The GP-300 allows for aesthetic customization thanks to an Adjustable Lid Position. The adjustments made not only affect the design to the player's own preference, but also change the position of the two top speakers to adjust the sound direction. The Lid Simulator can then take effect by acknowledging the lid position, and altering the sound to mimic that of an acoustic grand piano's.

Grand Pedal System

The GP-300's Grand Pedal System can detect subtle changes with the performer's foot pressure, and adjust accordingly to greatly increase the tonal wealth. Furthermore, this can be customized to the player's own preference, not only further expanding possibilities but keeping them to a unique spectrum of preferable settings.

Multi-Dimensional Morphing and Resonance System

Multi-dimensional Morphing technology is also featured, allowing for each keystroke's volume and tone to decay in a natural, organic fashion, all dependent on how the player presses each key. The Resonance System can also be used to pick out harmonic relationships that coordinate between separate notes, allowing for additional likeness to the sounds of an actual grand piano.

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