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Istanbul - Mehmet Traditional 20” Med Ride (Used)


Istanbul - Mehmet Traditional 20” Med Ride (Used)


A secondhand instrument in excellent condition with no cracks or keyholing present.

Here’s what Istanbul have to say about this cymbal.

The Istanbul Mehmet Traditional 20'' Original Ride Cymbal is a high quality ride cymbal from Istanbul Mehmet, featuring a cymbal that provides a look and sound that's reminiscent of classic ride cymbals, with the feel, durability and reliability of modern handmade cymbals. The Original Ride cymbals from the Traditional series provides a unique sound compared to other ride cymbals in the price range, offering a wide harmonic and dynamic range with rich, warm tones which can be implemented into a wide range of drumming styles and genres. All Istanbul Mehmet Traditional cymbals are fully lathed on both the top and the bottom which contributes towards the stunning tonal quality whilst complementing the overall look and feel of the cymbal. Handmade in Istanbul, Turkey using classic manufacturing techniques, the Istanbul Mehmet Traditional Original Ride Cymbals are ideal for any drummer or musician who wants to transform their setup with the distinct sounds of Istanbul Mehmet cymbals.


Key Features

  • Crafted From Premium B20 Bronze Alloy
  • High Quality, Extra Thin Construction
  • Extra Thin Cymbal Offers Bright Tone with Fast Response
  • Classic Handmade Design, Manufactured in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Perfect for a Wide Range of Drumming Styles & Genres

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