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Just Flutes - Apprentice with Curved Mouthpiece

Just Flutes

Just Flutes - Apprentice with Curved Mouthpiece


A secondhand instrument in good condition and working order. Checked for leaks and key alignment. Includes case.

The Apprentice flute has been designed with the small beginner in mind (approx 6-8 years old). Its reduced keywork system (we have taken off the keys that are not required through the beginning grades) makes it light and easy to balance, while the remaining keys are re-aligned so that little hands can hold it comfortably. The curved headjoint means less arm stretching, and since it fits in the case in one piece, the instrument needs no assembly. Ergonomically-placed touchpieces for the keys - ideal for smaller hands Thumb rest for correct right-hand positioning Reduced keywork system: D footjoint: No low C and C# key No split E No spatula B flat No trill keys Lightweight construction: over 20% lighter than traditional curved-headjoint flutes Curved headjoint - to reduce the stretch for small arms Strong tone - you'll be pleasantly surprised how well these flutes play! A case which holds the flute in one piece - no assembly required The Apprentice is ideal for players on Suzuki method, or for those moving up from the fife. Many teachers have purchased Apprentices to rent out to their pupils, and they find that their outlay is recouped quickly.

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