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Ludwig Complete Led Zeppelin Drum Kit & Cymbals (used)


Ludwig Complete Led Zeppelin Drum Kit & Cymbals (used)

£3,495.00 £3,995.00

Normally sold as a shell pack, this used kit is in great condition and includes all hardware and a full set of Bonham spec Paiste cymbals!


The Ludwig Zep Amber Vistalite Limited Edition Drum Kit is a must have for any Led Zeppelin and John Bonham fan. Take the Stairway to drumming Heaven with this stunning acrylic drum kit which comes complete with the legendary LM402 snare. Make a statement visually and sonically with this iconic Ludwig drum kit! Collection only.

Iconic Led Zepplin John Bonham Vistalite Kit

First introduced by William F. Ludwig in 1972, the Vistalite joined wood and steel shells as part of the “Ludwig Triad of American Manufacturing”.

Live out all your “Rock and Roll” drumming dreams with this stunning Limited-Edition John Bonham Ludwig Zep Amber Vistalite drum kit.

Featuring the same configuration used by the rock drumming legend himself, this kit makes a strong statement both visually and with its striking sound.

Ludwig Zep Amber Vistalite Limited Edition Drum Kit Configuration:

  • Bass Drum: 26” x 14”
  • Snare Drum: 14” x 6.5” LM402
  • Rack Tom: 14” x 10”
  • Floor Tom 1: 16” x 16”
  • Floor Tom 2: 18” x 16”
  • Atlas extra tall Snare/Tom Stand
  • Atlas Standard Snare Stand
  • Atlas Cymbal/Boom stands x3
  • Speed King Bass Drum Pedal
  • Paiste 15” 2002 SoundEdge Hi Hats
  • Paiste 18” Giant Beat Cymbal 
  • Paiste 20” Giant Beat Cymbal 
  • Paiste 24” Giant Beat Cymbal 

Attacking Acrylic

Known for its punchy, attacking sound, the Vistalite is well loved not just for its robust tone but also for it’s crystalline looks.

Acrylic is characterised by its clear highs, strong mids and warm low end, offering a powerful presence of tone.

Maintaining the much-loved sound and look of the vintage Vistalite, Ludwig have sought to improve upon their existing design to produce a kit with improved build quality.

Produced to the highest construction standards, the Ludwig Vistalite kit features seam moulded acrylic with dual reinforced seams to ensure the shells maintain strength and integrity.

This means the new Vistalite kits don’t succumb to the cracking that plagued the classic kits of yester-year.

Bearing Edge

All the shells of this Amber Vistalite are finished with crisp 45 degree bearing edges with a slight outer bevel to produce a chunky robust tone with superb projection.

Get your “Moby Dick” drum solo primed to perfection with the full, cutting tones of the large toms and the huge bass drum.

Offering a great tuning range, the Ludwig Vistalite allows you to achieve a pure round tone thanks to the superb shell stability and 45-degree bearing edges of this beautiful Led Zep Vistalite.

Classic Hardware

All the shells of the kit are adorned with the popular 70s vintage blue/olive badge to provide a true vintage aesthetic in keeping with the well-loved heritage of this kit design.

The toms and bass drum are fitted with Ludwig’s large classic lugs, classic brackets, and the rack tom is fitted with the Ludwig Vibra Bands tom mounting system to ensure clear, unimpeded shell resonance.

This kit also comes complete with a Ludwig Atlas Tom Stand to ensure you have a secure set up for your rack tom.

The bass drum is also fitted with typically vintage curved spurs perfectly topping off the classic old school look of this striking Led Zep kit.

Robust Rock Sizes

Utilising the same kit configuration preferred by Led Zep drummer John Bonham, this Ludwig Vistalite consists of huge shell sizes to ensure you achieve the biggest of rock sounds.

With a massive 26” bass drum you’re guaranteed to achieve a full on, fat low end thud. The big toms consist of a huge 14” rack, accompanied by 16” and 18” floor toms for a chunky, well-rounded tone.

Finished off with the legendary LM402, synonymous with Bonham, this kit is a direct link to the Led Zep sound we know and love.

Legendary Ludwig 402

A true Bonham style kit would not be complete without the iconic Ludwig 402 snare with which he is so well linked.

Though not a limited-edition snare, the included Ludwig Supraphonic 402 features the 70s blue and olive badge in keeping with the rest of the kit.

You can’t purchase a blue and olive badged 402 snare individually, it’s only available with this kit!

Known to be the most recorded snare of all time, the Ludwig Supraphonic is a legendary snare.

Featuring a USA-made chrome plated, seamless, beaded 1.7mm thick aluminium shell, this snare produces a bright, crisp attack, great sensitivity and a brilliant balance of resonant tone and snare crack.

Fitted with Ludwig’s iconic imperial lugs, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, a P85AV throw off, and P35AC Butt plate, this 10 lug snare is fitted with Ludwig Weather Master Heads. This snare offers stunning tone that will never go out of fashion.

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