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Natal Arcadia Drum Kit - 6pce


Natal Arcadia Drum Kit - 6pce


These amazing new drums from Natal (part of the mighty Marshall Amplification empire!) represent unbelievable value for money. What you get, for a very modest amount of dosh, is a real game changer. A lot of other manufacturers are going to go back to the drawing board now the Arcadia drums have been unleashed!

All birch shells and bespoke designed hardware. Modern drum dimensions and some great, hard wearing finishes. You get 6 drums and just take a look at the asking price!

The Birch shells produce a full bodied sound as its tight grain structure produces plenty of low-mid punch. Although more resonant in the top end than Ash, Birch still has plenty of attack while maintaining a ‘mid-scooped’ tone, a quality favoured by studio engineers and recording artists.

Available in three great wraps and a deluxe lacquered finish.


• All Birch shells.
• Pro Series double tom mount. (With Aluminium ball joint.)
• Low mass Natal Sun lugs.
• Triple flange hoops.
• Die cast Bass Drum claws. (Not shown.)
• Two badges per tom.
• Natal branded rubber feet.
• x1 Three piece double braced boom stand.
• x1 Three piece double braced straight stand.
• x1 Double braced HiHat stand.
• x1 Snare Drum stand.


• Toms- T1; 10x6.5 T2; 12x7
• Floor Toms- F1; 14x12 F2; 16x14
• Bass & Snare- B: 22x18 S: 14x5.5

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