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NoWear Guitar Capo


NoWear Guitar Capo


This capo is for guitar care.

 It is a known fact that when a capo is clamped to a guitar the pressure of the metal strings of a guitar are pressed against the fingerboard between the frets and could cause indentations on the fingerboard and the fret closest to the capo will wear down where the guitar string vibrates side to side as it is plucked or strummed.

A design never done before

The NoWear Capo has an incorporated soft metal protector plate that fits between the guitar strings and the fret and when the NoWear Capo is clamped to the guitar neck the strings would vibrate against the soft metal plate and not the guitar fret therefore preventing any wear to the guitar’s fret.

Designed for safety

The NoWear Capo is designed to be safe for your guitar and not have any parts that could damage the fingerboard, the frets or the back of the guitar neck and also be comfortable because of the space available for the hand behind the capo.

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