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Nux - Time Core Deluxe II Delay Pedal


Nux - Time Core Deluxe II Delay Pedal


The NUX Time Core Deluxe MKII has infused 7 great delay pedals to give you a large palette of different effects. Using the Type Rotary switch, you can change between which of the 7 delay effects you desire.

7 Delay Modes

The ΦPhi Digital Delay lets you easily set the tempo of delay to provide a wider musical sound with a ratio of 80ms ~ 1000ms using NUX’s smart-tap tempo you can change the sub-division with ease.

The Analog Delay is based on a classic bucket bridge chip circuit, producing warm tones with a natural treble decay, giving you those sweet ballad style solos with a delay ratio of 40ms~403ms.

The Modulation Delay presents a grand and rich chorus effect. NUX have developed this effect to grant you access to enter Alt mode so you can freely edit the parameters of delay. Modulation delay range of 20ms~1500ms

The Tape Echo effect is a digital recreation of the Space Echo stompbox to give you sonically experimental sounds you might find from Pink Floyd. The tape echo produces high-frequency saturation with a low-end decay. Echo delay range of 55ms~552ms.

NUX’s Pan Delay algorithm changes a standard pan effect to a custom panning that allows you to express what placement of delay is right for you, from a natural parallel effect to a more extreme, offset delay with a delay range of 80ms~1000ms.

The Verb Delay offers an expansive range into ambient and clear reverb tones to create huge atmospheric sounds. NUX’s Alt mode gives you the ability to adjust the parameter of reverb processed using the Repeat knob so you can find the right verb that suits your tone with a range of 80ms~1000ms.

The final effect in this compact pedal is the Reverse Delay, a true classic delay that will inspire you to experiment with your sound like the legendary Jimi Hendrix. Using this effect, you can record a guitar riff, and then flip the tape for an array of tonal variations.

Key Features

  • Phrase Looper ­– O.S 40 second stereo phrase looper is the cherry on the cake included in this compact pedal.
  • USB-C Port – To easily install firmware updates using the DFU update software.
  • True-Bypass or Buffer-Bypass – Easy to fit on you pedal board, adding more versatile options for you to harness an exciting sonic palette.
  • Analog Drive-Through – Preserves colour in sound, producing zero-latency for clarity in tone.


  • Input Impedance: 1MΩ
  • Output Impedance: 1kΩ
  • Dynamic Range: 104 dB
  • DSP Processing: 48KHz / 32-bit
  • A/D D/A Sampling Rate: 48KHz / 24-bit
  • Power: 9V DC (Negative tip, Optional ACD-006A adapter)
  • Current Draw: less than 120mA
  • Dimensions: 122mm (L) X 72mm (W) X 47mm (H)
  • Weight: 0.27kg

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