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Roland U110 Sound Module (used)


Roland U110 Sound Module (used)


Roland's answer to the E-mu Proteus, the predecessor of the more successful U-220 module and U-20 keyboard and the ancestor of the prototype T-110, the U-110 was Roland's first dedicated sample playback synth. It used ROM to store sounds rather than loading them from disks into RAM, hence it was not a true sampler as it could not sample sounds.

The U-110 contained a base 2MB of sounds stored in ROM. It could be expanded with up to 4 Roland SN-U110 sound library cards, unlike the more popular Roland U-220 that could only accommodate two. It had six individual outputs.

Polyphony 31 Voices (Certain sounds, such as V-MIX and Dual/Detune sounds, reduce this to 15)
Sound Generator DC-PCM Sound Generator
Base Sample ROM 2MB Consisting of 99 Sounds (mainly pop/rock no synth sounds (except synth bass))
Patch Storage 64 Internal memory locations
Expansion 2MB of extra sounds can be added by using up to 4 Roland SN-U110 PCM Cards
Outputs 1 Stereo mix output and 6 individual outputs (different output modes are available) also a headphone socket is attached to the mix output
Multimbral Yes. 6 Parts splitting the polyphony with each part i.e. no dynamic voice allocation
MIDI Implementation Good. All parameters are configurable using Sysex and Sysex dumps are easy to carry out. Midi IN/OUT/THRU available on the device.
Effects Basic Digital Chorus and Tremolo
Filter NONE
Display 16x2 LC Display
Control 6 Front panel buttons and a volume dial for the mix/headphone output.
Demo Songs There are 4 on-board factory demo songs which demonstrate the sound capabilities of this unit quite well.

(Info above from Wikipedia)

includes original owners manual.


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