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Sabian 14” Hand Hammered Dark Hi Hats (Used)


Sabian 14” Hand Hammered Dark Hi Hats (Used)


Secondhand cymbals in good condition with no signs of damage. 

Here’s what Sabian have to say about these cymbals.

The perfect Hi-Hat cymbal for recordings and live performances. The Sabian HH 14’’ Medium Hi-Hat Cymbal provides warm, full-bodied responses with solid stick definition. The Sabian HH Medium Hi-Hat has a medium weighted top and a heavy bottom which provides a loud, dark vintage sound with a long sustain. Sabian HH 14’ Medium Hi-Hat Cymbal is hand-hammered providing an aesthetic vintage look and sound. Sabians HH cymbals are individually crafted, giving each cymbal their own unique personality.

With the Vintage Dark tone of the HH a popular choice for Jazz, Rock, the Blues and beyond, the most popular models are those that offer the most versatility. HH is a traditional concept, so tradition, not innovation is what makes this such a popular choice. These models highlight the sounds drummers around the world - playing styles - have made their favourite

Hammering shapes the cymbal and its sound, with each blow increasing the tonal richness and complexity of that sound.

"When I'm playing the big gigs, I play really, really hard, but I don't want metallic, I don't want brash. With HH that vintage dark sound is always there and always warm" - Chester Thompson

"It's very musical, very special. I've played HH for years, for funk, jazz, rock, everything in the studio, on stage, everywhere" - Steve Ferrone


Style: Vintage

Sound: Vintage Dark

Metal: B20 Bronze

Pitch: Level 1

Finish: Brilliant

Weight: Medium Top / Heavy Bottom

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