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Squier Vintage Modified Short Scale Jaguar Special Bass (used)


Squier Vintage Modified Short Scale Jaguar Special Bass (used)


A secondhand instrument in good condition. All used guitars & basses are stripped down and cleaned. Fingerboards are treated with lemon oil plus fresh strings and set up to play. This one has a set of Aurora round wounds in black metal finish, which looks great on this little bass!

Here’s what Fender had to say about the Jaguar Bass:

Small Size, Big Sound

The Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special has a short (30'') scale neck which gives this guitar a unique playing feel, based on the '60s Fender Jaguar guitar. While the Fender Jaguar guitar was created as a student instrument, it later found popularity with alt-rockers and indie musicians due to its unique look and easier playability with its more compact dimensions. The Jaguar Bass Special takes the design aesthetics of the Jaguar guitar and lets bass players access the same short-scale-length playability and unique aesthetics, making it much more than just a "student" bass guitar.

Versatile Pickups

The Jazz Bass Special is loaded with both a Precision Bass pickup and a Jazz Bass pickup. The bridge-position Jazz Bass single coil pickup gives a modern sound with plenty of bite and twang. The middle-position vintage-style Precision Bass split-coil pickup delivers a '60s/'70s inspired tone with great mid-range power and punch, perfect for being heard over any mix. These two pickups each feature an independent volume control, so you can play with them individually or blended together for the ideal tone between vintage and modern sounds. Whether you want to play '70s funk, Motown, blues, jazz, rock, slap, or more; the Vintage Modified Jaguar Special has the versatility to cover all eventualities.

Short Scale Length Playability

The short 30'' scale length gives this bass guitar a "slinky" feel that is perfect for fat vibratos and slap-bass tones. The fret-spacing also becomes narrower with a shorter neck, so you'll find all fingering to be easier with the more compact proportions. Short scale-length guitars are perfect for younger players and musicians with smaller hands, but they are also popular with professionals who prefer the more manageable proportions of a shorter scale-length guitar. A 4-saddle bridge provides full adjustment over each string while the open-gear tuners

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