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Tanglewood Evolution Exotic - Walnut


Tanglewood Evolution Exotic - Walnut


Auditorium with Venetian Cutaway

The Tanglewood TVC X PW Evolution Exotic features an Auditorium body shape that is capable of producing a perfect balance across the tonal spectrum, with clear-defined notes and a great midrange. This particular body shape offers versatility for any playing style including fingerpicking and strumming. Its elegant Venetian cutaway design enables easier access across the whole fingerboard and enhances fluid hand flexibility during your performances.

Pacific Walnut

Walnut is renowned for its density and stiffness and delivers bright trebles, with woody bass tones for a unique sound that sits well in any mix. It is the perfect choice for players who prefer a powerful projection along with warm overtones.

Pickup & Preamp

As well as producing a warm acoustic tone, the TVC X PW Evolution is also equipped with a pickup and preamp, along with a host of control options for added volume at bigger events. A discreet sidemounted EQ is located on the upper bout, and features a 4-band EQ, as well as a digital chromatic tuner with slider controls.

D’Addario EXP11 Strings

Finally, the TVC X PW Evolution is also equipped with a set of EXP11 strings which deliver the ideal balance of volume, projection and comfortable playability. These high-quality, coated strings are crafted from plain steel, with a hexagonal cores made of High Carbon Steel, manufactured New York. Each string is highly engineered, break-resistant, and delivers unprecedented strength and pitch stability, as well as a long-lasting tone.


Equipped with B-Band M450T pickup and preamp for added volume when needed
Discreet sidemount includes 4-band EQ with slider controls, and a digital chromatic tuner
Crafted from pacific walnut which delivers bright trebles, a present midrange with woody bass tones
Auditorium body shape provides an all-purpose guitar that is suited for many different playing styles
Venetian cutaway design offers easier access to the higher frets and allows versatility across the whole fingerboard
D’Addario EXP11 strings deliver the ideal balance of volume, projection and comfortable playability
Finished in a natural gloss with rosewood binding

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