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TGI - Active DI Box


TGI - Active DI Box


This TGI Mono Direct Box provides a high quality signal path from your instrument to your PA or studio mixer, in a sturdy and compact form. The metal chassis and heavy duty rubber feet on the corners are designed to withstand the perils of stage life for a long time to come.

Featuring jack or XLR inputs, a link jack and XLR output, a ground lift switch plus a pad switch to dampen signal 0Db, -20Db or -40Db, the TGI Mono Direct Box DI gives you all the controls you need to deliver your sound to your audience as intended.

Requires 9v battery to operate. Battery included.

(Passive, dual channel DI box also available)

  • XLR and jack input
  • XLR output and link jack
  • Controls: Ground lift switch, Pad switch (-0dB, -20dB, -40dB)
  • Requires 9V power (battery included)

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