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Vox Time Machine Satriani Delay Pedal (used)


Vox Time Machine Satriani Delay Pedal (used)


Vox Time Machine Satriani Delay Pedal

Created in collaboration with Joe Satriani, the VOX Time Machine is a guitar effects delay pedal with two delay modes and a Hi-Fi / Lo-Fi switch, that delivers a wide range of delay sounds yet easy to use.

The VOX Joe Satriani Time Machine dual mode guitar delay effect pedal features Modern and Vintage delay modes. Modern mode repeats your original sound with full clarity and fidelity, and will fit any style of music. Vintage mode provides the sound of a classic analogue tape delay. A saturation circuit creates a warm, analogue sound with a gentle distortion. Gentle modulation is also applied in the Vintage mode, reproducing the slight warbling produced by a tape-based delay. The VOX Time Machine pedal's delay time is adjustable over a broad range, from 30ms slapback to nearly six full seconds of delay. A Tap tempo switch sets the delay as triplets, eighth notes, dotted eighth notes, or quarter notes depending on the delay range position setting.

In good condition, with just a couple of paint chips on the casing.

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