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Yamaha LLTA TransAcoustic guitar (Used)


Yamaha LLTA TransAcoustic guitar (Used)


A secondhand instrument in excellent condition (like new) Complete with Yamaha case.

Here’s what Yamaha have to say about this guitar…

There's nothing quite like playing guitar in a great sounding room, but what do people who haven't got a concert hall at their disposal do? That's where the Yamaha LL-TA TransAcoustic guitar comes in!

Winner of Guitarist Magazine's Gear of The Year 2016 "Innovation Award"

Incredible Yamaha Technology

What sets the Yamaha LLTA TransAcoustic guitar apart from other electro-acoustic guitars is the innovative TransAcoustic technology within. Developed by Yamaha's own acoustic piano division, TransAcoustic technology adds reverb and chorus to the sound of the guitar from the guitar itself.

Without plugging your guitar into anything you get amazing, high quality reverb and chorus effects - no need for external amplifiers or effects units.

Simple Yet Powerful Controls

Wherever you're playing; be it your living room, in the garden or on stage you can get the amazing sound of reverb and chorus effects and how much is applied to your sound is completely decided by you. The power is at your fingertips.

Featuring a simple three-knob control, the LLTA TransAcoustic electro-acoustic guitar has an On/off button to switch the TransAcoustic effects on. There's also a knob each for the chorus and reverb effects so you get full control over your sound.

Brilliant Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Being an electro acoustic guitar, there is a jack at the bottom of the Yamaha LLTA, so when required you can plug the TransAcoustic into an amp or line-out. This makes it perfect for use on stage and other live performances. The On/Off button doubles as the line-out volume knob so you can control your level with ease.

The Yamaha LLTA body is made with a solid Engelmann spruce top which has been aged with Yamaha's own A.R.E. technology. A non-chemical, ground breaking process, A.R.E. (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement) is a unique technology patented by Yamaha which alters the structure of wood at a subcellular level.

The A.R.E. process results in wood that you would usually only be able to find in a guitar that's been played over many, many years.This process creates an incredible instrument in the LLTA guitar and it resonates beautifully.

The back and sides are made of rosewood, giving it a warm yet powerful tone that projects extremely well.

Play, Listen… Be Inspired!

The Yama LLTA TransAcoustic guitar is truly where a handcrafted guitar and cutting edge technology merge, creating something very special.

Whether you're playing in your living room, entertaining friends at a party or playing on stage, the Yamaha LL-TA TransAcoustic guitar will deliver an experience that only Yamaha can.

Yamaha LLTA TransAcoustic Guitar in Brown Sunburst Features:

  • On board reverb and chorus effects with no need for external speakers, amplifiers or effects units
  • Solid Engelmann spruce top, aged with Yamaha's patented A.R.E. technology
  • Back and sides are made of rosewood giving the TransAcoustic a warm yet powerful tone that projects fantastically
  • 5-ply rosewood and mahogany neck which is climate resistant, intonates well and stays intonated
  • The neck features a rounded top edge and frets to give you an incredibly smooth experience


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